IoT Security: A Practical, End-to-End Framework Proposal

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IoT Slam Live 2017 Session Abstract: 

IoT Security is now a major concern when designing new connected devices. It has evolved from a low priority issue, to a topic of demos from security researchers, to real-life hacking that has had a real and noticeable impact on our lives, as in the case of the recent webcam DDOS attacks.

Experts have documented in several papers and conferences which solutions could be implemented in each area, from hardware to firmware to mobile apps and to cloud systems. Most frequently, those solutions are presented as a way to fix the security issues, but with no consideration of the targeted usage context and of the cost of implementing and maintaining those systems.

From the practical point of view of a business, what are the choices or frameworks that can be implemented in “real life” to design and make a “secure IoT product”? Are there different “IoT Security Levels” depending on the product, the audience and the projected usage? For example, should a Connected Door Lock have different security requirements if it’s used in a residential, industrial or military context? What are the design and unit manufacturing costs involved with each solution?

This session attempts to answer those questions by drafting a comprehensive, end-to-end security framework. This proposed framework will allow companies to make business decisions based on the tradeoffs in technical security issues, their solutions, and their consistency across all the IoT technical domains.

In addition to technical solutions to be implemented, security process management needs also to be taken into account: who has access to the device through the IoT Cloud Platform? How are passwords stored? How frequently are they changed? What is the “safe password” policy?

Please join us to take a look at a global IoT Security Framework.


Richard Phan
Founder & CEO at Inventhys

Richard Phan is the Founder and CEO of Inventhys, a consulting, R&D, and contract hardware, firmware, and software development provider focused on IoT. Founded in 2015, Inventhys has already helped large companies and successful IoT startups design and bring their products to market. Customers include Joy (Octopus children’s watch), SNCF (French rail), Somfy, Michelin, Suez, Orange, and Schneider Electric.

Prior to Inventhys, Richard founded a mobile app startup. The time management system was featured on major app stores, including Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and Xiaomi’s store in China, and was awarded by Samsung.

Richard held several leadership positions at technology companies in France and Silicon Valley that focused on bringing technology products from concept to mass, consumer grade production, including at HP, Palm, and Handspring.

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