IoT Product Integration, Life-cycle Requirements, and Expectations

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Session Abstract

IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference - Chimera IoTA practical, no hogwash, presentation about the pieces of IoT that are working great, what isn’t working at all, and what you need to work and how to get there.  30 minutes where we slam dance our way to understanding the future demands of IoT, how monetization plays into the picture, where security fits in, and how to integrate data between companies.

At the end, you get a list of questions you need to ask and what answers you should expect.


Philip Regenie
Founder and CEO Chimera IoT

A serial entrepreneur and blogger with over 30 years experience in high-tech industries including international banking, hedge funds, medical management, cellular networks, solar, and IoT.  My latest venture Chimera IoT was founded to create a disruptive platform that marries IoT + Analytics + Monetization.  I  envision a future where IoT products are built, deployed and integrated into a web of products in a single day creating an aware world where analytic engines fed by quality sensor data, structured business data, and unstructured web data drive a fair, more compassionate existence.  Previously I was Founder and CEO of Logen, inc. a medical management software company sold in 2007 and PortalSoft Technologies sold in 2002.

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