IoT needs Secure Messaging

Session Abstract:

Security & Privacy should be primary concerns in the design of how data flows within IoT. However, current IoT communication protocols are lacking. This talk explores how secure messaging, decoupled from the transport layer, can lead to significant wins in security, privacy & even interoperability. Various common IoT communication protocols provide mechanisms to handle Identification, Authentication, Data Integrity, Confidentiality and other functionality related to secure communication. However these mechanisms are to be tightly coupled with the transport layer. IoT systems tend to have data flows that span multiple transport layer connections and often multiple transport protocols. This talk explores what would happen if we decouple the secure communication layer from the transport layer. We’ll discuss several common IoT data flow scenarios and the impact the decoupling has on their security and privacy properties.


Mrinal Wadhwa is CTO of Ockam which is a collection of open source developer tools that make it easy to build secure and reliable IoT systems. Before Ockam, Mrinal was CTO at Fybr where he designed the architecture of large scale IoT solutions that are deployed in several major cities to improve the monitoring and management of critical city infrastructure. Mrinal is passionate about Distributed Systems and Applied Cryptography.

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