IoT MasterClass – Understanding Streaming Analytics: Why, What, and When


Understanding Streaming Analytics: Why, What, and When

Life happens fast: are your analytics solutions keeping up? Streaming analytics allows an organization to continuously monitor and act as events naturally occur. But acting fast isn’t always acting smart. The value of analytics – in the edge, on the cloud or on-premise – is predicated on realized outcomes. This masterclass will explore the role of streaming analytics in a comprehensive data-driven or analytics ecosystem. When is streaming analytics indicated? Equally important, when does streaming analytics not make sense? What supporting business and technical capabilities are required for success? What risks and constraints are intrinsic to streaming analytics and how can they be overcome? Join us to examine these issues through the lens of existing and emerging use cases across industries.


Kimberly Nevala is a Strategic Advisor at SAS. She is responsible for market analysis, industry education, emerging best practices and strategies in the areas of advanced analytics, information governance and data-driven culture. Prior to SAS, Kimberly was a Principal Consultant for Baseline Consulting Group, a premier management consultancy specializing in business and data strategy.
Kimberly’s current focus is advising clients on the strategic value and practical realities associated with artificial intelligence (AI) and digital transformation (DT). A popular speaker and author, Kimberly has published numerous eBooks and white papers including “Internet of Things: Understanding the Adventure”, “Rationalizing Risk in AI”, “The 3Rs of AI Adoption”, “The Machine Learning Primer” and “Sustainable Data Governance”.