IoT Masterclass: Kickstarting the IIoT Journey with Connected Worker

Course Overview

Connected Worker solutions have become increasingly more important as companies across many verticals have been forced to re-think their work environments, significantly reducing on-site staff and minimizing operational costs. Utilizing tools like live, bi-directional video sharing and digital workflows enabled on handsfree wearable compute devices and tablets, CBT’s Connected Worker solutions allow companies to maximize their remote staff by providing real-time access to critical data and resources in remote scenarios. These solutions empower field workers with effective ways to visualize, consume and communicate actionable information so they can make critical decisions safely, in real time, and at the actual point of work. Combined with sensor data, historical data and analytics, Connected Worker can be augmented to tackle condition-based monitoring, equipment reliability and proactive maintenance. Ultimately, these capabilities increase efficiency, productivity and safety while reducing costs. At CBT, we understand that Industrial IoT projects are complex and can be difficult to get off the ground. That’s why at CBT we take a crawl, walk, run approach. We commit the time and resources up front to make sure we’re minimizing your risk and maximizing your investment. Our unique approach ensures you have small, strategic wins and tangible ROI before you fund at scale.


Lonnie Ludwig – Vice President, Solution Development
Mike Stebick – Solution Manager, Wearable Compute
Kendall Johnson – Solution Strategist
Preston Johnson
 – Sr. Solution Manager – Asset Integrity & Reliability

Lonnie Ludwig, VP of Solution Services
BIO: Lonnie brings 30 years of industry expertise to the CBT team as VP of Solution Services; leading a deeply talented group of pre-sales experts in the development of solutions within Industrial IoT, HPC and Analytics, Hybrid IT, and IT Supply Chain Optimization. CBT’s reputation as a premier domain expert integrator hinges on our ability to provide the best solutions in concert with best-of-breed partners, and Lonnie’s background includes hands-on experience in all aspects of the solution process. Lonnie has supported customers ranging from Fortune 50 corporations to federal agencies allowing him to combine a deep technical understanding of industry and CBT-developed solutions with the ability to speak the sales language. This cross-functional knowledge and leadership is an essential resource for CBT, our valued partners and, ultimately, our customers.

Michael Stebick, Solution Manager – Wearable Compute
BIO: Mike Stebick came to CBT as our new Customer Care specialist in 2015. Over the course of his career with CBT, he has gained experience supporting customers, immersing himself in technology and earning myriad certifications. Today, Michael is a highly accredited, certified professional in Aruba Networking (ACSA, ACCA, ACMP, ACCP, ACEAP), as well as NTS- Nimble Storage, PTC Thingworx and Vuforia platforms. Using these certifications and leveraging his knowledge, he is focusing on his current role as Solution Manager for CBT’s Connected Worker Solution.

Kendall Johnson, Solution Strategist
BIO: Kendall joined CBT in 2020 with a passion for helping people. Kendall leads our Innovation Delivery as a Service practice, incorporating her experience with empathy-driven design thinking into our Quickstart solution design meetings. With her background in user experience (UX) design and research for 9 years, she brings creative problem solving and a human touch to technology. She graduated from Texas A&M in 2010, B.A. in Psychology.

Preston Johnson, Sr. Solution Manager, Industrial IoT
BIO: Preston Johnson is a Senior Solutions Manager for CBT’s Industrial IoT Practice with a technical focus on predictive maintenance solutions and systems. With 28+ years’ of experience with National Instruments and Allied Reliability, he draws from a broad functional background in people and project management, technical and domain expertise in asset monitoring applications. He works with asset owners/operators to implement intelligent monitoring and IIoT systems focused on asset health, condition monitoring & equipment reliability and production output. At CBT, he collaborates with the Solution Services and Engineering teams to enable equipment and process productivity gains for customers, building on the IIoT platforms. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Vanderbilt University and a Master of Business Administration in Information Management Systems from the University of Texas at Austin. Preston is a certified Category III Vibration Analyst (VA) and holds the Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) designation.