IoT MasterClass – Industrial Asset Tracking

IoT MasterClass – Industrial Asset Tracking – Make it work for you with the 4 points of configuration


Whether it’s aircraft maintenance, railways and transit, commercial construction, or heavy equipment rental; IoT Asset Tracking improves operations by reducing theft, preventing loss, and letting you act faster. These benefits can only be achieved if the Asset Tracking solution is configured to fit your business needs. Come join us as we discuss how to take a simple and powerful IoT Solution like Asset Tracking and customize the four elements of device profile, sensor configuration, user interface and business workflow to ensure the solution saves money and achieves your goals.

Presenter Bio:

Aaron Allsbrook, ClearBlade Founder & CTO for industry leading IoT Edge Data Platform. The ClearBlade IoT Cloud, Enterprise and Edge Software provide out of the box Asset Tracking and Smart Monitoring; rapidly deployed, highly configurable and easily integrated into the enterprise. Early on, Aaron engineered software at IBM building scalable performant platforms for developers to design, develop, and execute modern workloads. As a practitioner, Aaron worked directly in the field with enterprises to enable cutting edge solutions while leveraging existing technical assets. Today he provides a depth of expertise necessary to understand the challenges, opportunities and transitions required for large enterprises to digitize and engage with the IoT.