IoT Masterclass – Industrial Asset Management and the Pursuit of Efficacy, Efficiency, and Safety: A Holistic Approach


Management of industrial assets is an ever-evolving discipline, where it is essential to meet the requirements of the fast-changing industries and markets. How can we find the optimal balance between maximizing production value, ensuring safety and compliance, and minimizing maintenance costs? What solutions and analytical tools are available? How can we perform simulations leveraging IT-OT integration? Among a plethora of options and infinite combinations, the role of a Systems Integrator is key to putting it all together and building a platform that supports an Enterprise to take critical decisions.

Presenter Bio:

Ludovico Tosoratti is a Senior Mechanical Engineer for CBT as an expert in Asset Integrity Management. He has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering granted by the University of Udine (Italy). Ludo bring 20 years of experience in many different roles and organizations: he worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer, as a Business Developer in the Supply of Industrial Power Generation equipment, and as an Independent Consultant offering his expertise in the areas of Energy Efficiency, Systems Integration and Asset Integrity for Industrial facilities.