IoT MasterClass – A Deep Dive into cloud-enabled IoT Streaming Analytics


We are living in interesting times! Connected  machines, people, and whole cities are generating data at ever-increasing rates, volumes, velocities, and varieties. The various devices, or things, are talking amongst themselves, to the Cloud, making intelligent decisions, and providing valuable insights. The Internet of Things(IoT) is making the fabric of the world smarter, more reliable, responsive and connecting the digital with the physical universes.  They’re also opening up new business models never before available.  The advancements in the cloud technologies have further paved the path for a more connected world. The edge devices can now connect to and leverage the capabilities of powerful cloud platforms for real-time processing, intensive computations, and big data analytics. Furthermore, containerization and Kubernetes technologies are immensely aiding the whole IoT eco-system by making them scalable, standardized, more easily updated, and automated to meet the growing demand for processing. In this session, you will learn about IoT,  streaming analytics use cases, how container and Kubernetes work together in cloud platforms using SAS Event Stream Processing and the Docker and Kubernetes technologies to deliver an elastic and robust compute environment.  We will demonstrate a deployment of edge devices in cloud for real-time streaming analytics and decision-making. No matter how fast the data is generated, how large the volumes, or how many data sources it is coming from, in motion or at rest, cloud-enabled streaming analytics for IoT handles it all!


Dr. Divya Gupta, IoT Solutions Advisor, Event Stream Processing, Global Division, SAS
Biography: Dr. Divya Gupta has over 10 years of experience in cloud computing, distributed systems, fault tolerance, big data analytics, technical consulting, and business collaborations. Divya is an IoT Solutions Advisor for the SAS IoT Global Division. Her current work involves the integration of SAS Event Streaming Processing in the cloud platforms using Kubernetes and Containers, providing architecture solutions to customers to solve their business problems using various technology solutions and bridging the IoT edge to the clouds. Before joining SAS, Divya worked in R&D and consulting in academia and various IT industries. She holds a Doctorate Degree in Computer Science, Cloud Computing from Université Grenoble Alpes, France.

Stephen Sparano, Principal Product Manager, Event Stream Processing, IOT
Biography: Stephen Sparano is responsible for developing a SAS product vision and strategy, including requirements analysis, for incorporating event stream processing, decision management, rules management, model management, and workflow automation capabilities into the SAS Platform and as offerings to SAS markets. Stephen brings 25+ years of diverse experience in IT, including business rules management, business process management, software project management, object-oriented analysis and design, and software development while working at a number of technology and consulting firms. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Computer Science from Providence College.