IoT Day Slam 2020 Headline Keynote: Two Dynamics Revolutionizing the Edge and IoT — Converged OT/IT and as-a-Service


IoT and edge solutions continue to evolve with new use cases and advancements in many areas. For several years, while at National Instruments and now at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dr. Tom Bradicich led teams to pioneer several real world cases for the IoT and edge — with many customers deployments. He will share how his past experiences are shaping his current work developing first-of-a-kind solutions that converge OT (operational technologies) with IT, and, apply new as-a-Service technologies to the edge and IoT. The challenges to adoption, and supply side (vendor) and demand side (customer) benefits will be discussed. In his capacity chairing the IoT Community’s Converged Edge CoE, Dr. Tom will share a reference “converged edge” solution, which includes solution elements from several IoT Community member companies across the industry ecosystem.


Dr. Tom Bradicich (@TomBradicichPhD) is Vice President, Hewlett Packard Fellow, and Global Head of Edge and IoT Labs, at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His team develops and commercializes software for wireless, AI, edge compute, edge as-a-service, and converged IT/Operational Technologies (OT). Tom heads the HPE Edge & IoT Center of Excellence, leading corporate strategies, venture/M&A assessments, and HPE’s Channel-to-Edge Institute partner program. Recently, Tom was VP and General Manager, leading the global business unit, Servers, Edge & IoT Systems & Software — with P&L, Sales, and R&D. Tom incepted and led HPE’s first corporate IoT strategy, and in 2018 led HPE’s fastest growing business unit. At IBM, Tom was an IBM Fellow, VP, and Server CTO. Prior to HPE, he was an NI Fellow at National Instruments, an OT company, leading big data IoT solutions. Tom was named CRN’s Top 100 Executives and Top 25 Disrupters in 2016, 2017, and 2019, inducted into the NC State Alumni Hall of Fame, an IBM Chairman’s Award recipient, and elected to the IBM Academy of Technology. He serves on the Board of Directors for Aspen Technology (AZPN). Holding several US patents, Tom led teams developing and launching dozens of hardware and software products, and cofounded seven technical industry standards. He led or aided the creation of new product categories such as the first notebook computers, smartphones, converged blade systems, and converged edges systems — winning many industry awards. Active in mentoring, Tom sponsored the IBM Women Inventors Network, advises and the University of Florida Advisory Board & Diversity Committee. Tom founded the charities Soc ( and SIVA Awards (, helping homeless and children in need, and is executive sponsor for HPE’s Salvation Army partnership. He’s writing the book, The 1st Mover, sharing his experiences in leadership, creating new product categories, and first-of-a-kind innovation.

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