IoT Day Slam 2020 Conference Session: The Top 10 Features, Benefits & Requirements For Edge Computing Success


Cisco LogoThe perfect Edge Computing environment is still unclear to IoT solution planners. Simply put, many implementations are flaw-ridden. It is easy to install IoT sensors at the edge of the network – but then what? Have you just exposed your business to significant data govern issues? Have you sacrificed IT discipline for OT acceptance? This session builds off nine years of working with IIoT customers and suppliers to create an essential top 10 checklist for any IoT RFP or successful solution.


Vernon Turner is a 30-year global IT industry veteran having worked for several of the largest financial institutions in their IT and strategic planning groups. Vernon has also been one of the leading IT industry analysts having led research in all aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT). As a thought leader and visionary, Vernon is well known for his candid views and provocative presentations on stage, television and social media. Vernon’s accolades include being IDC’s first research fellow (for the Internet of Things), consistently ranked in the global Top 100 IoT Influencers (by the, and is a board member for several IoT industry consortia.

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