Internet of Things: From Fiction to Reality and Why It Matters

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IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference Spirent LogoOut of the most of the technological “revolutions” since the invention of IP communications, none held a bigger promise to completely human life than Internet of Things (IoT), often interchangeably called Machine to Machine (M2M). In this session, we will discuss various aspects of IoT – what it really is, how IoT implemented today, what technologies being developed under the umbrella of IoT. We will also delve into challenges facing the young technology – absence of common standards, fragmentation, security and even adaption hurdles. Despite the challenges, IoT holds an enormous promise for whole “Hi-Tech” industry, so we will close session with look into the opportunities which IoT brings to developers of the IoT solutions, integrators and service providers.

Speaker Profile

Anatoli Levine
Director of Product Management for Developer Tools Business Unit (DTBU) at Spirent Communications

Anatoli Levine is Director of Product Management for Developer Tools Business Unit (DTBU) at Spirent Communications, responsible for developing strategy and product roadmap for the new M2M and IoT segment for enabling products for developers. Anatoli is also responsible for the portfolio of enabling technology products (WebRTC, VoLTE/RCS, SIP, IMS and many others) for developers of Unified Communications solutions.

Since 2006, Anatoli is a President of International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) – an organization facilitating interoperable implementations of multimedia communication technologies based on the open standards.
Anatoli is a frequent speaker at various IoT and IP communication industry events and conferences, covering subjects of M2M, IoT, WebRTC, VoLTE, RCS, standards and interoperability. He contributes to the Spirent and IMTC blogs.
Prior to Spirent Communications, Anatoli was Director of Product Management for Radvision, an Avaya company and prior to that, he lead the technical team providing engineering services and support for Radvision Technology products.

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