Industry 4.0: Advanced Indoor/Outdoor Asset Tracking Solutions are Here

Session Abstract:

To avoid revenue leakage, companies want consistent visibility of their equipment, personnel and products at every stage in the supply chain – especially in a time of supply chain crisis. Fortunately, Link Labs’ next-gen technologies make this possible by providing affordable solutions for both outdoor and indoor asset tracking – whether an organization is tracking valuable assets from the warehouse to the yard, the hospital to patient homes, the factory floor to the front door and everywhere in between. However, asset tracking benefits extend far beyond just knowing the location of assets. Companies can streamline inventory management, compliance, process efficiencies, loss prevention and more with increased supply chain visibility. Link Labs’ flagship platform, AirFinder Everywhere, seamlessly integrates location and monitoring technologies with cloud-based software for outdoor and indoor asset tracking and monitoring needs. This makes it easy for users to better manage business-critical assets by visualizing the location and condition of assets, people, and equipment, no matter where they are. Further, Link Labs’ AirFinder OnSite platform provides proximity-based location accuracy for campus-based environments, with extensibility to AirFinder Everywhere to meet outdoor asset tracking needs. Link Labs’ SuperTag solutions – including SuperTag Hub, SuperTag Rechargeable and SuperTag as part of AirFinder Everywhere – merge the best of indoor and outdoor asset tracking technology to provide continuous, end-to-end visibility of assets in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Truly revolutionary solutions, Link Labs technology provides breakthrough benefits for various industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Equipment rental
  • Construction
  • Logistics & warehousing
  • Election boards

Bob Proctor, CEO of Link Labs, is a leading innovator in low-power, wide-area network technologies and comprehensive IoT asset tracking solutions. With a PhD in applied physics and 25 years of engineering leadership, Proctor led the R&D for AirFinder, Link Labs’ flagship Real-time Location System (RTLS). Proctor is a skilled, experienced public speaker who can present highly technical and complex concepts in easy-to-understand terms and share real-world examples of applications that illustrate the value and benefits of advanced embedded technologies.

Attendees will come away from this session with:

  • In depth-information on the importance of implementing an asset tracking and monitoring solution
  • A thorough understanding of Link Labs’ solutions including AirFinder Everywhere, AirFinder OnSite and AirFinder SuperTag – including a comprehensive overview of the different types of AirFinder SuperTag, how they work and their benefits
  • How Link Labs’ cutting-edge solutions work for organizations across various industries


Bob Proctor is the co-founder and CEO of Link Labs, a leading provider of an end-to-end IoT platform for tagging, locating and monitoring equipment, supplies and assets anywhere at any time. With a PhD in applied physics and 25 years of entrepreneurial and business leadership, Proctor is also a founding principal of Blu Venture Investors, a venture capital investment company that supports early-stage entrepreneurs in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., which gives him a unique point of view on a wide range of emerging technologies and their novel applications and potential market viability.