Improving care delivery, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing costs – lessons learned from the United Kingdom.

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Session Abstract:

latticeworxlogoHealth care providers are facing an onslaught of clinical data. Yet there’s a disconnect between increasing amounts of data and how providers do their jobs. Ultimately, the power of having more data is not about the data itself or asking overworked providers to comb through yet another set of “meaningful” data points, the promise lies in enabling providers to become more efficient, more proactive and to change how care is delivered.

Before forcing more data onto already constrained organizations, we must consider each organization’s existing capabilities and capacity for change. Like providers, we must first seek to do no harm and then try to improve the situation, not make it worse. As one provider lamented to us, “What good is having actionable data if I don’t have any way or anyone to act on it?”

Having partnered with the UK’s National Health Services (NHS) for over a decade, LatticeWorx has a unique perspective on how to introduce organizations to new data that fit into providers’ existing workflows, that improve clinical efficiencies and that drive down costs. In this presentation, you’ll learn how LatticeWorx helped UK providers decrease unnecessary patient referrals, improve patient convenience and reduce system costs. We’ll use that example as a springboard to show how to create a robust technology ecosystem that supports improved clinical decision quality, reduces provider burdens and increases patient satisfaction.


Shane Greyvenstein
Founder, CEO at LatticeWorx

Shane Greyvenstein is a solutions architect and technical strategist. He has built three startups including a multimedia company and two health tech companies, one of which went public and became an accredited provider to the NHS. From this background, and more than 15 years’ experience creating sophisticated software solutions in a highly regulated market, he founded LatticeWorx, which brings key learnings and intellectual property from a career in health care spanning four continents to the unique challenges in US healthcare. Self-taught as a software engineer, Shane holds a Bachelor’s in Economics. He is an avid reader and student of business and financial markets.

Session Tags:

Platforms, Infrastructure, Interoperability, Applications, Care Delivery, Improving Outcomes, Patient Satisfaction, Cost Reduction

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Technical, Business Line Management, Operations, Clinical, Medical


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