Holistic Top-Down Automated Design Approach for Effective IoT Product Development

Session Abstract:

IoT applications will benefit from rapid development of cost-effective semiconductor designs that include advanced operational features. Edge-computing features need increased processing capabilities that are Machine Learning (ML) friendly and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capable. Autonomous operation requires the ability to operate collaboratively, flexibly, and extensibility. Privacy and trust concerns requires device and manufacturing supply chain validation as well as the encryption and authentication of device interactions. Collectively addressing these challenging requirements requires expertise from many specialties, presenting significant development roadblocks for most organizations. Concertal Systems has developed a holistic approach for SoC and FPGA design to address these challenging requirements. The efficient architecture addresses these functional needs while automating the front-end creation of new semiconductor designs that leverage SIP core reuse. Developers can create new designs in less than half the time, using half the resources, while significantly reducing new product development risks.



Bob Ledzius has over 36 years of visionary cutting edge technology creation experience for meeting emerging market needs. He has held principal technology leadership and founding startup roles at Texas Instruments, Maxim Integrated, QuickFlex Inc., and Motorola where he was awarded the gold badge award for technical contributions to the company. Bob holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Architecture and has brought multiple complex systems, hardware, software, and chip designs to market. Most recently he has founded Concertal Systems to address some of the most difficult productivity gap issues in the industry in front-end chip design and development. Bob holds 17 patents.

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