From IoT to IoTT – How the AEIOU Framework can help the Critical T (Trusted) to IoT

Session Abstract:

Everyone knows what IoT stands for, but what about IoTT? IoTT stands for Internet of Trusted Things, and today, unfortunately, trust is not synonymous with IoT devices. Consider the Google Nest Guard introducing a microphone without user documentation, OR the constant questions we ask our smart speakers (or listeners) and who decides when they stop listening, OR the Uber smartphone app tracking your location long after your ride has ended. Trust is fast disappearing — if it was ever there in the first place — but that can change. And it should. By using the vowel framework, AEIOU, we will explore together how both vendors and consumers can stay aware, alert, and aligned. Vendors can use this framework to define and develop their solutions with trust as the foundation. Consumers can use this framework to ask the right questions and take corrective actions with trust as the barometer.


Ashwin is the COO of UberKnowledge, a cybersecurity knowledge-sharing, training and communication organization. He is also a tech ethicist, writer, podcast host, and speaker. He is particularly interested in educating and empowering both consumers and vendors of the role of ethics in tech. You can find more about Ashwin including links to his speaking engagements and his writing on his website. His most recent podcasts can be found at Uberknowledge.

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