From a Vicious to a Virtuous Circle

Session Abstract:

The board of directors is under pressure to improve security of their operations. However, production teams are straining to meet production goals, achieve sustainability mandates, and deal with supply chain constraints, for which they are digitizing their operations rapidly to increase flexibility. IT teams, mindful of the additional security risks that this digitization brings may add firewalls to restrict this free flow of information. But this restriction can also defeat the very purpose of digitization, with the result that trust between IT and OT teams erode, future digitization attempts are stymied, leading to a vicious circle, and the enterprise suffers. Clearly, there must be a better way to boost security and bolster operations together. In this session we will discuss ways that IT and OT teams can establish mutual trust with respect for each other’s skills and priorities, developing trust, and turning the vicious into a virtuous circle, for the enterprise to prosper.


Vivek Bhargava, has a diverse background as a developer, product manager, technical marketing engineer, and most currently as product marketing manager. Working in the IoT networking group at Cisco, Vivek’s responsibilities include marketing of Cisco’s IoT switching portfolio and how it can help customers in various industry verticals modernize their operating networks in their quest for digitization and adoption of Industry 4.0 principles. Prior to IoT, Vivek managed marketing of parts of Cisco’s enterprise portfolio including Cisco DNA Center, Software-Defined Access solution, among others.


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