Evolution of tomorrow’s digital remote worker

Session Abstract:

By next year, U.S. workers who work partially or fully remotely will represent 72% of the total workforce and today, companies are projected to spend over $185B in video conferencing, team collaboration and unified communication tools serving the digital workspace. The market is big and growing, and emerging is a next generation IoT driven virtual, digital office. The evolution of 5G enhances the ability to support this mobile workforce. But, enabling the user with a manageable and truly secure experience will require advanced solutions delivered across host of IoT products. This session demonstrates a way to re-create the sense of place and community found in a traditional office and affords the employee engagement that is missing from today’s e-meeting video tools. Customized offices contain an application console with all your favorite applications including full video conferencing and screen sharing. These virtual offices are always ‘on’, leveraging IoT to build collaboration spaces, group training rooms, meeting rooms, and social networking venues. These emerging technologies truly deliver on the promise and value of IoT in this world of digital transformation.


Toni Portmann is currently co-founder and CEO of Walkabout Workplace, a digital office that is changing the paradigm of remote work.  With more than 35 years of leadership experience in board and executive management, Toni has spent her career in technology centric companies, ranging from software and hardware to support and services.  She brings a wealth of management skills with expertise in board leadership, M&A, strategic planning, process improvement and innovative sales solutions.  Toni’s corporate leadership includes holding the position of chief executive officer at 5 companies.  Throughout her career she has held executive positions at IBM Corporation and Diebold, Inc. and has served on public, private and non-profit boards in roles of chairman of the board as well as chairman of nom/gov; compensation and strategic planning committees. Ms. Portmann holds a bachelor of business administration from Boise State University and is a member of WCD (Women Corporate Directors). Toni is an investor in Texas Women Venture Network (TWV) and serves on advisory boards for TWV; Prime Women; Great Girls Network; Speakalytics and HyperCarrot.    She has served as a board member of The Center for Brain Health, an organization for the assessment and treatment of brain diseases and she established the Tyson Johnson Memorial for Another Solution, Inc., dedicated to fighting the disease of addiction.  Toni loves skiing, biking, and enjoying her 6 grandchildren and her cat, Frank!

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