Enabling Computational Health in the Era of Big Data

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Session Abstract:

The amount and variety of healthcare data are growing at a very rapid pace. By some estimates, there are 150+ Exabytes of data in healthcare today and it is doubling every 24 months! In addition to the data, the amount of medical knowledge available in the form of publications is doubling every 18 months. The most important challenge organizations are facing is how to cope with these increasing amounts of data and knowledge and how to derive insights that matter in making decisions across the healthcare and life sciences applications. The era of Big Data in healthcare provides opportunities for applying computational methods for gleaning insights regarding practice patterns variations (practice-based evidence), adherence to suggested care regimens, behavior modification, and personalization of care to the individual needs.

In this presentation, Dr. Ebadollahi will share use cases of IBM Watson Health, the new business unit in IBM, which aims to provide solutions to healthcare and life sciences applications using the cloud, big data technologies, IoT, advanced analytics, and cognitive approaches.


Dr. Shahram Ebadollahi
Vice President, Innovations & Chief Science Officer IBM Watson Health Group

Dr. Shahram Ebadollahi is the Vice President, Innovations and the Chief Science Officer, IBM Watson Health Group. As the head of Innovations he oversees development, solutions, and partnerships for IBM Watson Health business unit. As the Chief Scientific Officer, he has global responsibility for the direction of IBM Research in the area of Health Informatics and also the innovation strategy for IBM Watson Health. He and his team have conducted research in the broad area of health informatics with specific focus on Computational Healthcare and also have enabled software and services in the area of data-driven analytics and big data for healthcare and life sciences applications.

Dr. Ebadollahi received his PhD and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University with specialization in multi-modal content analysis and retrieval and their applications to the domain of medicine.

Session Tags:

cloud, big data technologies, IoT, advanced analytics, and cognitive approaches.

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