Edge and IoT: How advanced analytics is impacting government outcomes across the citizen experience

Session Abstract:

Infrastructure benefits such as water quality, energy consumption, or mechanical performance can all be improved by leveraging IoT technologies and advanced analytics from edge to cloud.   But the opportunities for IoT and advanced analytics in government far exceed the utilities and public works departments.  Outcomes for law enforcement, corrections, transit, transportation, mental health, and parks will all be accelerated by analytics. This session provides insights into the role advanced analytics – at the edge, in the cloud or anywhere in between – plays in helping governments drive desired outcomes that can shape the future of the citizen experience.  We’ll share:

  • How new data generated from sensors, embedded computers, and connected devices such as vehicles, wearable computing devices, robots, and drones can be leveraged to improve the lives of citizens
  • Real world examples of edge analytics at work for cities, counties, states, and countries, as well as emerging uses of edge analytics in government
  • How to determine when edge analytics should be part of your solution
  • What tasks are well suited for edge analytics
  • When data should be analyzed at the edge, in stream, or at rest

Given the multitude of different devices and environments that can be considered ‘the edge’ – as well their respective performance constraints – identifying where to perform data processing is not a simple task. Additionally, deciding when and how to move IoT data from the edge is also essential to getting the most value from edge compute architecture. Join us to learn more about how IoT and advanced analytics helps governments as they strive to improve citizen engagement, optimize operations, manage infrastructure, and shave expenses.


SASJennifer Robinson is the director of local government solutions at SAS. She has a particular interest in cities using advanced analytics to improve the lives of their citizens and focuses much of her efforts on fostering the use of analytics in creating smart cities.