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Session Abstract:

By 2025, 90% of all data created in the global datasphere will need some level of security but less than 50% will be secured. The main growth in data will be generated by the projected billions of IoT connected devices, and the majority of them will be low compute, low power IoT sensors and endpoint devices.

These low complexity IoT endpoints have by design limited onboard processing power and battery capacity The data they capture however is increasingly more life critical as they will part of interconnected operations with cognitive systems (AI and ML) making automated decisions instead of humans. These devices do not have any security today!

Traditional IoT security schemes assume that IoT devices are powerful enough to handle processing-hungry authentication and encryption tasks, and have access to almost unlimited power to handle power-draining multiple message exchanges required at each transmission These schemes are not well adapted to the world of low complexity IoT devices.

To secure these endpoint devices, short of completely redesigning them, a new approach to IoT securit will be needed that would take a very tiny footprint on the devices’ limited CPU headroom and drain very little power from the existing battery, while impacting cost to a minimum. Besides being very secure (i.e. with an effective but light-weight encryption, difficult for hackers to figure out, and designed so that a breach would not compromise the whole network), the solution should also be agnostic to all IoT platforms/processors, wireless access technologies (e.g. BLE, ZigBee, WiFi, LoRa, etc.) and/or IP network or Cloud topologies. It should not require any new HW or change in the HW design, or need security updates on the endpoints to preserve device longevity.


Francois Le
Founder & CEO at iotaBEAM

Francois Le is the Founder and CEO of iotaBEAM, an IoT security solution provider. Prior to that, he was a senior executive for a number of Silicon Valley wireless and networking start-ups including AOptix Technologies, Tropos Networks (acquired by ABB), Aperto Networks (acquired by Tranzeo) and OnStream Networks (acquired by 3Com, now HPE). Between 2007 and 2012, he was SVP Global Sales and Corporate Officer at Network Equipment Technologies (N.E.T.), a NSYE publicly listed company and early leader in Unified Communications (UC), which was acquired by Sonus in 2012. Francois holds an MBA from Stanford University and an MS in Engineering from INSA-Lyon in France

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