Democratizing Personal Health

What is actually cutting edge in healthcare and what is truly moving the needle? Shaving off a percentage point here or there doesn’t even get us facing the right direction. But what if we tear open the lid on this little black box and make HEALTH clear and understandable… as opposed to making healthCARE slightly less expensive.
Once you understand how your epigenomics, environment, and ethnicity are impacting your body’s physiology, all you need is the building blocks and exact components to make great health work again.
Stop asking what the disease is, what is the treatment, what are the symptoms, and join us as we ask WHY. Why did the symptom arise at all, why did the genome trigger on, and why is this the best way to reverse the symptoms.

Come as we explore the Internet of Things for the most important thing: YOU!


As a young options day trader and financial planner, Pamela learned to analyze the inner workings of companies and watch the impact on them from whispers to global news. So when she became a business manager for a major health insurance company, she immediately started to peel back the layers to see the money trails and direction of healthcare in America, and globally.
“Seeing the insides of any machine brings great clarity and focus to provide solutions.” Pamela brings this clarity to healthcare in an effort to provide cutting edge tools for consumers that empower individuals.