Customer Experience in the age of IoT

Session Abstract:

Y2S ConsultingWhat is going to drive adoption of IoT oriented solutions among consumers? Defining the future state customer experience and being able to consistently drive this with IoT oriented solutions can drive the rate of adoption for new products and services. This presentation will discuss the role of understanding the end user – the consumer – what’s important to them, define their current behavioral patterns and envision future state behaviors that have the potential to be enabled by IoT oriented solutions. We will touch upon success drivers that can shape customer experience. We will share examples that are leveraging IoT solutions to deliver customer experience that have potential to exceed expectations. We will speak to a simple framework to help provide guidance and direction on innovation and disruption can re-shape and redefine any industry. Finally, we will offer a road map on how to engage in this process.


Yogesh Chavda
Founder at Y2S Consulting

This global nomad is one of the original Third Culture Kids. He started his 17 years at Procter & Gamble in Switzerland and followed with posts in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, England, Venezuela, and the United States. A research pioneer in far-flung former Soviet republics, Yogesh led consumer-centric global innovation efforts across multiple categories and for brands such as Pampers, Ariel, Olay, Old Spice, Crest, and Pantene before leveraging his leadership skills at both Amway and Kimberly-Clark. Recently, Yogesh started his own consultancy, Y2S Consulting, where he is focused on helping companies shape their path for growth starting with an external assessment of the market-place dynamics, refine their business model and define an innovation pipeline to translate their vision to reality. He feels a deep obligation to ensure that the recommendations he makes are based on consumer insights deliver sustainable business growth. And most comfortable when outside his comfort zone, Yogesh is always quick to challenge the status quo, especially in the age of IoT.

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Consumer behavior, Customer Experience, CX, insight, IoT, Business Model, Branding, Marketing, Disruption, Innovation,

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