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IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference - Futurecom InternationalThe key to the success of IoT is the rapid deployment of  value added applications  that change how the enterprises transform their  business processes. These  transformed business processes will allow the enterprise to reduce cost, provide differentiated services  to their  customers,  employees and  partners.  Yes, devices, infrastructure,  analytics, security are all required elements for  a successful IOT solutions. But applications  and the   tools allowing the rapid  development  and deployment  of  applications will be the key to  any IoT solution success.

This presentation will describe the characteristics  of tools  that will be required to allow  enterprises and third party  to  rapidly create applications. We  will show examples of some  tools  and how these tools  are integrated into end to end IoT solutions.


Paul Bloom
CEO PDB FutureCom International

Paul Bloom is the CEO of  PDB FutureCom International(PFI).  PFI helps telco and  enterprises use  IT technology transform their  business. The focus is on  IoT  and  Israeli innovation.  Our clients include IBM,  Fujitsu, Verizon, Rogers, Israeli government, Cablevision, EMC, BCG, McKinsey  , IQP, VascoDe, Cellwize .

Paul Bloom was the CTO for Telecom Research and is responsible  for applying the latest IBM technologies and research from its nine laboratories to emerging telecom solutions.

A 42-year telecom / IT industry veteran, Bloom led the research strategy for Mobility . Bloom was a member of the IBM telecom executive team, which is responsible for IBM’s solutions and sales in the telecom market. He was also responsible  for identifying Telco applications for the Watson deep Q&A technology. He is also a contributor  and spokesperson for  IBM’s  Five  New Technologies  in Five years.

Previously, Bloom was responsible for defining IBM’s strategy in the networking space, identifying partnerships (equipment manufactures and ISV’s), new technologies and new offerings that help telco’s transition from their current infrastructure to an IP-based infrastructure. Bloom also led IBM’s partnering program in the OSS and networking space.

Prior to joining IBM in 1997, Bloom worked for Bell Labs, AT&T, and Bellcore. His expertise includes networking and network applications, and he is known as the father of the advanced intelligent network (AIN). At Bell Laboratories, Bloom was involved in the design of the CCIS, the AT&T intelligent network and network services, including the 800 service, calling card services and software-defined networks. At Bellcore, he was an executive director of the next-generation service platform division, where he led the RBOC’s transition of the 800 Service from AT&T.

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