Connected Roadways infrastructure Make Cities Safer, Reduce Congestion and Optimize Traffic Management

Session Abstract:

Motorist safety, traffic congestion, wasted fuel and carbon emissions are all inescapable problems in metropolitan cities. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows agencies to connect intelligent transportation systems and helps in reducing these key problems. As more DoT’s and transportation agencies look to use actionable insights to monitor trends and improve efficiencies and safety, they are deploying advanced technology to assess traffic congestion and optimize traffic flow.

In this talk we look forward to sharing with you:

  • How Cisco networking solutions are helping cities connect different use cases and help solve traffic problems for today and tomorrow
  • Collecting roadside data for analysis, real-time control, and visibility
  • How to achieve end-to-end security and visibility into your traffic devices


Tarannum Parkar is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager in the IoT marketing team. She is an experienced professional in product marketing, sales, and channel enablement in the enterprise software and hardware business. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecom Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration.