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Session Abstract:

Because performance matters when dealing with streaming data – in-memory processing and in-memory data is key. Keeping data in motion is important for the application performance. Organizations building real-time stream processing systems need to use an in- memory paradigm and be able to use any message broker and trust the platform to deliver each message exactly once.

Today’s innovative businesses process ultra-fast data streams at their core – processing must be fault tolerant and continuously adapt to changing data flows. The ability to work with exactly once streams simplifies development and is even more important as real-time streaming spreads.


Kevin Goldstein
Principal Architect at NEEVE RESEARCH

A Principle Architect and low latency developer with over 17 years of experience in building high-performance enterprise applications and trading systems. Kevin specializes in the low latency, messaging and algorithmic arena of trading, and has experience with front, middle and back office systems.

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