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Session Abstract

IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference - IBMFrom Fitbits, to connected cars, to connected cities, to sensors that water crops; making decisions is no longer enough, now you need to make decisions in context. To bring your next great IoT decision to life you need to be able to extend and connect beyond your traditional enterprise. But with thousands if not millions of different devices all with their own technologies, standards and security how do you connect with the right ones effectively. And technology is only one aspect of the challenge; how do you create the right business model to drive value from your solution. An IoT solution that doesn’t connect to any devices is useless. But one that tries to connect to everything can be just as problematic. How to do find the right mix that maximizes your application and drive tangible results?
In the IoT mania, it is not the device that is the star. It is the data, and the meaningful insights and the actionable intelligence in real-time is the real super star.

Building IoT based solutions in an island is not good, but then again connecting them to everything can have implications. Especially when you build solutions based on IoT, API, Analytics, Connected everything, a simple mis-step on one small piece can have a ripple effect through your organization and business models. Join us as Andy Thurai (@AndyThurai) explores how to build next gen IoT applications the right way the first time and every time.


Andy Thurai
Program Director – Digital Innovation, IBM

Andy Thurai is Program Director for API, IoT and Connected Cloud with IBM, where he is responsible for solutionizing, strategizing, evangelizing, and providing thought leadership for those technologies. Prior to this role, he has held technology, architecture leadership and executive positions with Intel, Nortel, BMC, CSC, and L-1 Identity Solutions.

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