Best practices for addressing practical adoption patterns of IoT in the enterprise for maximizing business benefits and ROI

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Session Abstract:

The promise of IoT is almost at its peak. Enterprises are very excited, but IoT Adoption is still in its infancy. Business use cases are key to accelerate adoption of IoT within the enterprise, where business can justify hard savings, use-cases with dramatic processes improvement, and new Business models with tremendous competitive advantage. We see many enterprises that are down this path with pilots and early implementations, combining and integrating existing systems with new IoT technologies. In this journey, Manageability, Security and Scalability are essential foundational capabilities necessary to realize the value of IoT in the enterprise. Attend this session to learn how to shape your IoT Use cases, and map your (existing) big data, analytics, security and management capabilities to ensure the successful introduction & validation. Different IoT scenarios impact your on-premises and in-cloud architectures differently. Using these three qualities as your guiding principles, you will uncover an entirely new way to think about IoT in your enterprise and realize the full business potential of IoT.


Tadd Koziel
Global Practice leader for Enterprise End User Support HPE

Yogi Sikri
IoT and Mobility Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Tadd Koziel is the Global Practice leader for Enterprise End User Support experience and productivity support services. In this role he owns the design, build and management of new services including global P&L and investment strategy, engineering, strategic partnerships and new release management globally. An HPE veteran, Tadd has held senior leadership roles in HPE start-up efforts including the company’s first laptop division plus early cloud computing and software as a service initiatives.

Yogi Sikri is an IoT and Mobility Leader at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE), responsible for building solutions that are deployed by HPE Global 500 Enterprise Accounts. Recently in the area of IoT, Yogi has been driving the Enterprise services strategy, and enabling key HPE customers to adopt IoT in Industrial and Enterprise scenarios, and building solutions that leverage existing Enterprise Assets, and bring in new IoT capabilities to solve new business areas.
Yogi has been a Mobility expert and a product/solution manager with HPE since 2007, and has launched 7 products and solutions. Yogi is an avid speaker, and has led 50+ CXO speaking events. His latest article in July 2016 for the CIO Magazine (, discusses the role of BYOD and the impact in IoT in the enterprise. Before joining HPE, Yogi was a Technology Leader and Architect at Bluestone since 1995, which was a startup that enabled the transformation of Legacy Enterprise and Consumer systems to Web based systems, driven by J2EE Middleware technology and an IDE for building Internet based services.
Yogi hold a Masters Degree in Administrative Studies from Missouri State University and a B.E in Computer Science from Poona University, India. Besides his day job, Yogi enjoys Yoga, Movement & Chanting and Dreaming up new ideas to make the world a peaceful place.

Session Tags:


Business Transformation, Big Data Analytics, Commercial Viability, Edge Computing, Manageability, Scalability

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Technical, Business Line Management

Intermediate, Beginner

Retail, Manufacturing, Industrials, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical / BioTech, Automotive

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