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One of the most common business patterns of artificial intelligence we see in the field is “AI as Triage”. This is where AI is augmenting human decisions with predictions. The pattern is particularly prevalent when AI is coupled with new data for IoT sensors — whether from medical devices or oil fields. The pattern is one of the easiest ways to get an operational AI system up and running because an 80/20 solution can have incredible value with a human in the loop. In this talk, Dr. Sourav Dey will discuss a number of case studies with the AI + IoT for Triage business pattern, from digital therapeutics to predictive maintenance. He will share specific examples of the challenges that exist when applying machine learning to IoT sensor data streams and of putting humans in the loop.


Sourav Dey, Managing Director and Head of Machine Learning, Manifold
As Managing Director and Head of Machine Learning, Sourav is responsible for the overall delivery of data science and data product services to make clients successful.Before Manifold, Sourav led teams to build data products across the technology stack, from smart thermostats and security cams (Google / Nest) to power grid forecasting (AutoGrid) to wireless communication chips (Qualcomm). He holds patents for his work, has been published in several IEEE journals, and has won numerous awards. He earned his PhD, MS, and BS degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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