Analytics on Patrol

Session Abstract:

The world remains a dangerous place. Much of that danger is the result of forces outside of human control, but there remain human-made illicit activities which pose health, economic, and life risks to peoples local to and far from the activity. These activities, such as drug trafficking, often occur over vast areas that are only lightly monitored and often obfuscated by dense foliage and lack of any uniquely defining features, making the task of detecting and identifying both the existence and source of these activities very difficult. Aerial surveillance of these areas provides some security against and prevention of these illicit activities, but the vast, and often obfuscated, search areas impose serious challenges and fatigue to human operators performing tasks to detect and identify various illicit activities.

MAG Aerospace provides aerial patrol services across the globe for government and civilian customers. Our services often include operation command and control, multi-sensor intelligence data collection, and processing and analysis of complex data to gain actionable insights. Recently, MAG, with its partner, SAS Institute, asked the question: Can edge analytics assist field operators to improve overall mission effectiveness and reduce operator workload?

During the session, we will share:
• Projects in development where edge sensors mounted on fixed wing aircraft are providing signals data to AI analytics to better detect and identify potential illicit activities.
• How, based on AI analytics results, surveillance operations are now guided toward areas and activities of interest enabling better response actions and reduced operator workload and flight hours.
• An iterative, agile approach to implement edge analytics (data, hardware, software, and integration) that incorporates an understanding of operator needs and constraints while rapidly delivering incremental improvements.
• Challenges associated with initially obtaining, sometimes sensitive, data for problem assessment, analytics model building, and solution workflow validation.


Leonard Mygatt
Director Engineering Solutions at MAG Aerospace

Mr. Mygatt is a Communications Systems Engineer by education, and a Research Engineer and Manager by training with 30+ years of lab, field, research and engineering project management experience. He is currently Director Engineering Solutions for MAG Aerospace where he leads a diverse technical team providing engineering and solutions services designed to deliver advanced Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) solutions to various U.S. Government and foreign agency customers. Mr. Mygatt coordinates and leads research, development, evaluation and test for video and other sensor solutions, line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight communications systems and networks, data analytics and automation, and advanced data processing.

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