Advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) for Healthcare

Session Abstract:

Advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) for Healthcare

What are the advances in IoT that impact key areas of Healthcare in 2019? What can we expect in 2020? In this presentation T-Systems will pick up on past presentations on the topics of clinical supplies; the US Drug supply chain and 5G to bring you the latest applications (no longer use cases), and what we can expect in 2020. T-Systems has been a big supporter of the IoT Community our aim supports the wider communities need for applications where IoT can make a difference in the lives of patients receiving medical treatment.  Technology advances are moving us to a point where IoT is now opening new areas of business and services. Healthcare and the Pharmaceutical industry are part of the network to bring you incredible innovations, and IoT devices help to make this happen.

Target audience: Intermediate level – folks that have some knowledge of IoT and interested in learning how to apply this technology. This would also be appropriate for clinicians, logistics, and supply chain folks, and data scientists to see how best to apply this technology under these circumstances along with C-Level folks who want to decide if this technology could reduce risk and save money.

The audience will take away three key items:

  • The latest update on the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) – an overview of how IoT can be leveraged in support of this FDA guidance.
    Interested parties may want a copy of the ‘blueprint’ for deploying this technology
  • An update on how clinical supplies can be integrated into clinical trials conducted in the US and EU regions (with actual data of shipment deliveries to patients).
  • IoT and Machine Learning (ML) – initial learning and how ML adds value to your business process.


Jim Sabogal – Senior Director for Healthcare and Life Sciences at T-Systems North America, Inc.

Jim is an experienced Executive with over 20 years in the Enterprise Software, Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Manufacturing industry. He leads the T-Systems North America Healthcare and Life Sciences vertical. He has been engaging with clients on DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION through numerous projects leveraging: Cloud, Big Data, and IoT. He has a background and experience in Clinical Development; Supply Chain Management; Manufacturing; CRM (Sales and Service); IoT; Big Data / Analytics; Cloud Computing; Blockchain, and Regulatory Standards. He is leading the effort for applying IoT for various businesses that use SAP, Oracle and Microsoft solutions.

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