7 Business Essentials for IoT

Session Abstract:

This session will be an accelerated version of a course covering a variety of business and technology topics that help business leaders, product managers, designers, engineers, and marketers gain an understanding of the IoT landscape. The presenter will help you quickly understand the opportunities and risks associated with IoT, discover the layers, roles, and processes involved in the journey to a mature IoT solution and provide you with the knowledge needed to accelerate decisions and improve collaboration across an organization.


Brian Tol
VP of Engineering at SpinDance

Brian Tol is currently the Vice President of Engineering at SpinDance. He is a full stack IoT architect with 20 years of experience solving complex business and technology problems. Broad business and nonprofit background including software architecture, business strategy, business development, and user experience design. In his roles, he has been instrumental in helping professionals at all levels of a company understand what IoT means to their business, why these projects are complex, and how to overcome common pitfalls.

Session Tags

Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise

IoT infrastructure, cloud, mobile, Standards

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Technical, Business Line Management, Operations

Intermediate, Beginner



Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Industrials, Healthcare, Consumer, Government / Public Sector, Pharmaceutical / BioTech, Automotive

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