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      Welcome to IoTPracitioner.com

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      This site won’t get activity until you have it redesigned for usability.

      here on this page alone…. you have wordpress header -albeit buddy press – you can do better, the tags take 1/3 of the page. the menu navigation is confusing and poorly organzed.

      It may sound like this is giving you a hard time, but the reality is it is honest feedback. Staying silent, as others do is reflected in the inactivity of the forums.

      People are busy, there are inexhaustable activities competing for their attention, so if you want their attention – make it easy, as easy as possible.

      Once when selling legal reference to organizations, I would tell my prospects, “When you need a piece of information, and you can’t find it quickly and easily, for all practical matter, it doesn’t exist in the reference. So give me a couple minutes, just 5, and let me show you how to use the finding aids…”

      I was always in the to 10% of the national sales force. Your organization, content and finding aids, not to mention presentation all are what makes the site usable. Right now, on your site, it is hard to find anything.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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